Hearing Aid Repair

Ensure the Ongoing Benefits of Your Hearing Instrument with Prescription Hearing Aid Repair

When your hearing device is not working right, you might be tempted to toss it into the junk drawer along with your other unused electronic gadgets.


Not only is abandoning your prescription hearing aids a waste of the money you invested in them, but it prevents you from receiving the hearing and health benefits they provide. Instead of giving up on your prescription hearing aids, bring them into us for maintenance and repair.

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Repair Service for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Repairs

The advanced digital technology used in today’s prescription hearing aids often requires a bit of TLC in order to perform as designed. Whether your device, or that of a loved one, isn’t performing like they used to, have some type of structural damage or simply stopped working, bring them to hearing aid specialists for repair.

Our hearing aid specialists have the expertise and equipment to diagnose the problem and to clean, repair or adjust your device, so that it works the way it’s supposed to. Because we have experience working with a wide range of models and major brands of hearing instruments, we’ve got you covered.

We provide repair service to our patients as a part of our commitment to exceptional followup care, but we extend our service to non-patients at affordable rates. Most maintenance and repair service can take place in our local offices, but severely damaged units might need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

To make sure that your hearing instrument is back in service as soon as possible, we use either Fed Ex or DHL for shipping, which is included in our repair service fees.

Loaner Devices During Repair

If in-office repairs are going to cause you to go without your prescription hearing aids for an extended period of time or we have to send your instrument to the manufacturer, we provide our customers with loaner hearing aids as close to the same model as you use until your device is available.

Though our loaner won’t be exactly like your custom formed device, it will work in a pinch while you wait for your instrument to be repaired.

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Don’t toss your broken or malfunctioning hearing aid in the junk drawer, bring it to our hearing aid specialists for cleaning, maintenance or repair, so you can continue to take advantage of the benefits hearing instruments provide.

To setup maintenance or repair for your hearing aid, complete and submit the adjacent form so we can help you schedule a hearing aid repair appointment.

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