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Tricia Hawley, Operations Director at Highline Audiology & Hearing Aids

Tricia Hawley

Operations Director

Tricia grew up in the Naches Valley and attended Naches Valley High. She has a business degree in healthcare management.

Tricia became aware of the challenges associated with hearing loss at an early age. Her father, who worked as a logger, had lost his hearing early in life. He cannot hear without his hearing aids, which he began using 30 years ago.

Communication was always a challenge, and Tricia’s family had to find ways to communicate in order for her dad to hear everyone and understand what was being said. Growing up with a parent who has a hearing impairment made Tricia aware of the challenges hearing loss creates.

This is why she cares so much about the hearing industry. Tricia would like to raise awareness for families who have a loved one with a hearing loss. Her parents had difficulty affording hearing aids, so it was a very big blessing for the whole family when her father was finally able to get hearing aids.

Tricia has worked in healthcare for 30 years, and after working on the clinical side for much of her career, she opted to move over to the management side. In 2017, when Lori launched Sound Audiology, Lori approached Tricia to bring audiology services into the ENT organization Tricia was working for at the time – a role where Tricia oversaw nine specialities simultaneously. This was the beginning of a fabulous partnership. In 2022, Tricia joined Sound Audiology as the operations director. She enjoys focusing on the sole specialty of audiology and giving it her full attention.

At Sound Audiology, Tricia sees herself as a facilitator who helps employees in the organization have the resources they need to do their jobs. She is the facilitator who ensures she can get in front of barriers before they become barriers for all five clinics. Collaboration, designing, implementing, monitoring, and oversight are all parts of keeping the company growing and flowing.

Tricia loves the many successes that evolve each workday—employees having a successful day and patients having successful hearing outcomes. She also enjoys working with really amazing people and says it does not feel like work when she’s among really great people.

Life outside of the office revolves around Tricia’s family, often in the form of boating, golfing, and skiing. Tricia likes to spend as much time as possible at her lake house building memories with her kids and grandkids. She loves being a grandma to her five granddaughters, all within the ages of six months to seven years, and looks forward to many girl trips in the future!

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