Experience Real Conversations in a Tiny Package with One of Sivantos Group’s Newest Phenoms

11/20/2023 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

Seattle and South King County are fortunate to have access to some of the most advanced hearing aid technology at our Burien, WA clinic. Among the options available to our patients are cutting-edge hearing aids manufactured by the Sivantos Group.   

As the umbrella group for major brands like Signia and Rexton, you are able to take advantage of a broader selection of hearing aid models that cater to your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. 

For a better understanding of what types of new technology are available, this article will focus on two specific models produced by Sivantos under the Signia brand name. 

Signia’s Silk Charge&Go IX are cutting-edge CIC hearing aids capable of enhancing how your hearing aids process the conversations around you in a style that provides the utmost discretion. 

Let’s start by taking a quick look at how Sivantos has contributed to hearing aid innovation since its founding. 

Who Is Sivantos?  

Sivantos is one manufacturer among many who trace their roots back more than 150 years to hearing instrument pioneer Werner von Siemens who invented a telephone receiver to amplify voice signals and improve voice clarity.  

Using Siemens’ technology, Sivantos accelerated the development of hearing aid technology with the Phonophor before World War II, the Auriculette in 1959, and the Siretta 339, the first in-the-ear (ITE) device.  

In 2019, Sivantos merged with Widex, creating WS Audiology, but continues to manufacture hearing aids as the Sivantos group. 

Sivantos Binax Technology  

A highlight of Sivantos innovation is Binax technology, which was developed in order to simulate binaural hearing by using an eight microphone network (four per hearing aid) that shares and balances incoming sound data between the two hearing aids by using e2e wireless technology. 

Independent testing by the University of Northern Colorado and the Hearing Center of the University of Oldenburg demonstrated that individuals using Binax had a distinct hearing clarity advantage in noisy environments over those with other hearing aids or even those with normal hearing. 

Binax, used in a broad range of Sivantos Group products is game changing technology upon which today’s architecture is based. 

What Does Signia Integrated Xperience Architecture Bring to the Table? 

Labeled IX by Signia, Integrated Xperience architecture, used in Silk Charge&Go IX, further enhances real-time hearing clarity by making it more dynamic. 

How is this possible? 

IX equipped hearing devices with RealTime Conversation Enhancement have the capacity to analyze 192,000 data points per second in order to identify your hearing environment and the conversations you’re having with those around you. 

From its analysis of your surroundings, your hearing aid will boost the voices of the people you’re talking to as each one of them speaks so that you hear them more clearly than any background noise. 

Taking things a step further, your IX equipped hearing aids will seamlessly adapt to shifting and movements of the conversation, making 1,000 adjustments per second.  

Silk Charge&Go IX comes with many of the same features as its RIC sibling, but it is so tiny and snug that many people will not even notice you are wearing it. Its benefits include: 


  • Natural, effortless conversations with RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology of the IX platform
  • OVP (own voice processing) 2.0 to help ensure that your voice sounds exactly right as you are engaged in conversation
  • Signia Assistant using AI technology for intelligent support for sound customization and troubleshooting
  • in-between appointments
  • Snug fitting, ready to wear, completely-in-canal hearing aids
  • All-day rechargeable power plus a wireless, on-the-go charging case that fits in your shirt pocket
  • User-friendly mobile app to help personalize your hearing experience

Come Experience the Sivantos/Signia Difference  

As the leading hearing care experts in Burien, Seattle and South King County, Highline Hearing is focused on meeting your needs with experience-centric solutions.  

Thanks to our transparent, comprehensive, and personalized approach to better hearing, you can experience the discrete Silk Charge&Go IX firsthand. 

Highline Hearing is not just a service provider; we are your partners in this auditory journey. 

Click here for details regarding our appointments and how to find an office near you. 

See you soon! 


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Erika Best-Kay, Au.D., CH-TM

Dr. Best-Kay is a certified tinnitus management specialist that is trusted by hundreds of local patients, families, and physicians. Growing up in Miami, FL, Dr. Best-Kay spent much of her childhood traveling to South America to visit her family in Uruguay, becoming fluent in Spanish during the process. Following school, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Florida International University where she discovered her love for audiology through speech pathology. She knew instantly that she had found her passion and relocated to New Orleans where she received her Doctorate of Audiology from Louisiana State University. With experience of working with both hearing aid manufacturers, where she was recognized as the technology specialist for the Northwest region, and private practice hearing care practices working hands-on with patients, she has a unique set of skills that sees her recognized as a highly trusted hearing care expert nationally. In 2021, she was certified in tinnitus management and now spends her days helping local people to achieve better hearing and supporting fellow hearing care professionals with complex and challenging hearing healthcare cases. Tinnitus is a passion and purpose for Dr. Best-Kay and knowing that many people are suffering with tinnitus and not getting the correct treatment, or often thinking there are no treatments, is what inspires Dr. Best-Kay to make important changes and raise awareness. A personal success story was when she treated a patient who had suffered badly with tinnitus for over ten years and hadn’t found a treatment that had worked. He came to Dr. Best-Kay looking for a solution and she was able to give him relief after such a long time. It was life-changing for him and his family. When not helping people to hear, Dr. Best-Kay enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She particularly enjoys fishing, camping, being out in the sun, and keeping up with the most interesting TV shows and movies.

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