We aim to eradicate the stigma around hearing loss, educate on the advanced nature of modern hearing aids, and provide professional guidance on managing and protecting hearing health.

Know Someone Considering Treating Their Hearing Loss? Show Them This

06/17/2023 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Did you know that your job can be one of the biggest contributors to hearing loss? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work every year in the United States.

When you think about professions that are particularly noisy, your mind might go straight to musicians or construction workers. But you might be surprised to learn that several other professions can contribute to noise-related hearing loss.

The majority of us will find ourselves in loud situations from time to time, but if exposure to loud noises is the norm during your workday, you’ll want to take precautions to protect your hearing. Being exposed to noises above 85 decibels (dB) for extended periods of time can jeopardize your hearing health.

And while there are a lot of great hearing aid devices on the market today, prevention is essential for preserving your hearing for years to come. Here is a short list of professions that can be hard on your hearing:

Ruthy Ross: Empowerment Through Enhanced Hearing

When Ruthy Ross started fixating on people’s lips during conversations, she didn’t immediately recognize it as a symptom of hearing loss. It wasn’t until after a hearing test that she realized her hearing was compromised. But Ruthy’s journey to improved hearing, with Highline Hearing at her side, transformed her life.

Her experience encapsulates the challenges many face—fear of social stigma, concerns about professional implications, and the discomfort of the unknown. Yet the compassionate care she received helped her gain control over her situation.

Ten years later, Ruthy credits her hearing aids for boosting her self-confidence and landing her dream job.

Ken Christensen: Rediscovering the World of Sound

Workplace noise exposure led to Ken Christensen’s hearing loss. He discovered that Highline Hearing, recommended by his previous audiologist, provided him with much-needed support for his hearing journey.

Ken highlights the subtle benefits of hearing aids: catching everyday sounds like a turn signal or birds chirping, maintaining comfortable TV volumes, and sharing conversations with loved ones.

His experience underscores the often-underestimated impact of hearing aids on quality of life.

Clay Eals: Navigating the Challenges of Tinnitus

For Clay Eals, tinnitus was a long-term struggle. The continual, nagging noise was a persistent concern. Yet he found reassurance and a sense of relief with Highline Hearing. Though hearing aids sometimes posed an inconvenience, they brought significant benefits, including clearer phone calls and the soothing sounds of the sea to distract from his tinnitus.

Judith Young: The Life-changing Power of Hearing

Judith Young waited 30 years from the time she discovered her hearing loss to when she received her first hearing aids. Her journey with Highline Hearing has shown her that hearing aids, despite the initial challenge of adjusting to new sounds, can transform one’s life. Today, she considers her hearing aids her best friends and advocates for their use.

Alda Vavra: From Stigma to Support

Alda Vavra experienced a turning point when she tried her father’s hearing aid and realized what she was missing. With the support of Highline Hearing for over 25 years, she navigated the evolution of her hearing loss, always staying a step ahead with advancing technology.

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Overcoming Hurdles Together

One recurring theme in these stories is the initial fear and resistance associated with hearing loss. Highline Hearing understands that acknowledging hearing loss and seeking treatment can be a significant hurdle for many.

It can trigger concerns about aging, aesthetics, and costs, as well as the fear of not being able to hear even with hearing aids.

That’s where we step in. Our mission at Highline Hearing is to transform these concerns into a path of empowerment. We aim to eradicate the stigma around hearing loss, educate on the advanced nature of modern hearing aids, and provide professional guidance on managing and protecting hearing health.

Our experienced audiologists and hearing care professionals work closely with each patient, understanding their lifestyle, hearing needs, and personal concerns. We go above and beyond to provide solutions that fit their unique requirements, ensuring that they feel comfortable and supported throughout their hearing journey.

Highline Hearing is not just about enhancing hearing—it’s about transforming lives. It’s about making communication clearer, life easier, and the world closer for those living with hearing loss. If you’re struggling with hearing loss or know someone who is, call us at (206) 246-8677 to book an appointment. Your journey towards better hearing starts today.

Hearing Journey

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Lori Losey Lovato MA, FAAA, Audiologist

Lori is a lifelong resident of the Tri-Cities. She and her husband Anthony are proud to be raising their family here. She attended Washington State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in speech and hearing sciences and her master’s degree in audiology. Lori began practicing audiology in the Tri-Cities in 1993. During this time, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice and ear, nose, and throat physicians’ offices. She has spent her career focused on assisting those with hearing difficulties through the use of hearing aids, listening strategies, assistive devices, and counseling. She is experienced in working with both adult and pediatric patients. It is important to Lori to develop close relationships with each and every patient, as she helps them develop better communication strategies to live a fuller life.

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