There’s a lot of talk about this product, so I want to set the record straight for everyone here in Washington

Trusted Washington Audiologist Shares Her Opinion Regarding Oticon More RITE

04/16/2023 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

As an audiologist in the state of Washington, I am proud to introduce you to the features and benefits of this revolutionary product designed to help people with a hearing loss.

The Oticon More RITE hearing aids offer unprecedented control and customization that can be tailored to each individual’s unique needs. It is the first digital hearing aid to feature directional microphones, allowing it to adjust to the user’s current environment and provide a more natural sound.

With the help of one of our qualified audiologists, residents of Northwest Washington can adjust the settings of their hearing aids to match their individual preferences. This ensures that they receive the best possible sound quality and experience.

If you or someone you know has a hearing loss, the Oticon More RITE hearing aids may be the perfect solution. Stay tuned for our full review of the Oticon More RITE hearing aids and how they can help you or your loved one improve their quality of life.

Highlights of Oticon More RITE

  • Oticon More RITE with BrainHearing technology is designed to provide the brain with more information to make sense of sound more effectively. It can recognize up to 12 million sounds, prioritize which ones are important, and then deliver them to your brain. This way, you can comprehend speech and other noises more easily without overworking your ears.
  • The telecoil feature is especially useful for those who work in an office environment and have to attend meetings or conferences. It’s like an antenna that picks up a speaker’s voice more clearly and blocks out distractions.
  • With the direct streaming feature, you can also make hands-free calls from any iPhone or Android device. Oticon’s TV adapter lets you stream TV sound directly to your hearing aids.
  • The SmartCharger device is convenient because you can recharge your hearing aids while away from home; a three-hour charge will power it for a whole day, or you can get six hours of battery life with a 30-minute charge.
  • If you’re a music enthusiast, Oticon MyMusic offers program settings that will help you better appreciate audio.
  • The ConnectClip is a remote microphone that connects with the hearing aid phone app through Bluetooth and helps pick up speech from a distance.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport provides masking sounds that can help quiet the sound of tinnitus.

Who Benefits Most From Oticon More RITE?

Oticon hearing aids, in general, are designed to help people with hearing loss in a variety of ways. They benefit people of all ages and with all levels of hearing loss.

Specifically, the More RITE hearing aids are designed to help improve hearing and make communicating easier in different environments.

People with tinnitus will also benefit from these, as they are designed to help manage the symptoms by providing relief from the ringing and helping to reduce the intensity of the sound.

These hearing aids can also help people with balance issues. They help improve balance and reduce falls.

They also feature technology that can detect when a person is off balance and then automatically adjust sound levels to provide better balance and stability.

To See If Oticon More RITE Is the Best Option for You, Schedule a Consultation

Alternatives to Oticon More RITE

We work closely with all the major brands, so if Oticon doesn’t specifically address your issues, we will find a company that does so you get the most optimal hearing solution.

Phonak – Phonak is a Swiss hearing aid company that offers a range of hearing aids for different levels of hearing loss. They offer a range of wireless accessories, such as remote controls and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. Phonak hearing aids are designed to provide clear sound and a comfortable fit.

Starkey – This American hearing aid company offers a range of hearing aids, including BTE, ITE, and CIC models and wireless accessories. Their hearing aids are designed with advanced technology to provide clear sound and a comfortable fit.

ReSound – ReSound offers a range of products catering to different hearing loss levels and lifestyles. From their innovative and cutting-edge technology to their personalized customer service, ReSound is an excellent choice for those with a hearing loss.

There are many more that we stay up to date with so we know the strengths and weaknesses of each different company.

The First Step to Getting Oticon Hearing Aids

If Oticon More RITE sounds like they could help restore your hearing and improve your lifestyle, schedule a hearing assessment right away. Once we have all the information on your condition, we can determine the best make and model to suit your needs.

Get in touch or request a callback to try out the Oticon More with the support of one of our audiologists at Highline Audiology.

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Lori Losey Lovato MA, FAAA, Audiologist

Lori is a lifelong resident of the Tri-Cities. She and her husband Anthony are proud to be raising their family here. She attended Washington State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in speech and hearing sciences and her master’s degree in audiology. Lori began practicing audiology in the Tri-Cities in 1993. During this time, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice and ear, nose, and throat physicians’ offices. She has spent her career focused on assisting those with hearing difficulties through the use of hearing aids, listening strategies, assistive devices, and counseling. She is experienced in working with both adult and pediatric patients. It is important to Lori to develop close relationships with each and every patient, as she helps them develop better communication strategies to live a fuller life.

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